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Surah: YŪSUF 

Ayah : 91

قَالُواْ تَٱللَّهِ لَقَدۡ ءَاثَرَكَ ٱللَّهُ عَلَيۡنَا وَإِن كُنَّا لَخَٰطِـِٔينَ

They said, "By AllŒh, certainly has AllŒh preferred you over us, and indeed, we have been sinners."

Surah: YŪSUF 

Ayah : 92

قَالَ لَا تَثۡرِيبَ عَلَيۡكُمُ ٱلۡيَوۡمَۖ يَغۡفِرُ ٱللَّهُ لَكُمۡۖ وَهُوَ أَرۡحَمُ ٱلرَّـٰحِمِينَ

He said, "No blame will there be upon you today. May AllŒh forgive you; and He is the most merciful of the merciful.

Surah: YŪSUF 

Ayah : 93

ٱذۡهَبُواْ بِقَمِيصِي هَٰذَا فَأَلۡقُوهُ عَلَىٰ وَجۡهِ أَبِي يَأۡتِ بَصِيرٗا وَأۡتُونِي بِأَهۡلِكُمۡ أَجۡمَعِينَ

Take this, my shirt, and cast it over the face of my father; he will become seeing. And bring me your family, all together."

Surah: YŪSUF 

Ayah : 94

وَلَمَّا فَصَلَتِ ٱلۡعِيرُ قَالَ أَبُوهُمۡ إِنِّي لَأَجِدُ رِيحَ يُوسُفَۖ لَوۡلَآ أَن تُفَنِّدُونِ

And when the caravan departed [from Egypt], their father said,[1] "Indeed, I find the smell of Joseph [and would say that he was alive] if you did not think me weakened in mind."

1- To those present with him, either some of his sons or other relatives.

Surah: YŪSUF 

Ayah : 95

قَالُواْ تَٱللَّهِ إِنَّكَ لَفِي ضَلَٰلِكَ ٱلۡقَدِيمِ

They said, "By AllŒh, indeed you are in your [same] old error."

Surah: YŪSUF 

Ayah : 96

فَلَمَّآ أَن جَآءَ ٱلۡبَشِيرُ أَلۡقَىٰهُ عَلَىٰ وَجۡهِهِۦ فَٱرۡتَدَّ بَصِيرٗاۖ قَالَ أَلَمۡ أَقُل لَّكُمۡ إِنِّيٓ أَعۡلَمُ مِنَ ٱللَّهِ مَا لَا تَعۡلَمُونَ

And when the bearer of good tidings[1] arrived, he cast it over his face, and he returned [once again] seeing. He said, "Did I not tell you that I know from AllŒh that which you do not know?"

1- He who carried Joseph's shirt from among the brothers.

Surah: YŪSUF 

Ayah : 97

قَالُواْ يَـٰٓأَبَانَا ٱسۡتَغۡفِرۡ لَنَا ذُنُوبَنَآ إِنَّا كُنَّا خَٰطِـِٔينَ

They said, "O our father, ask for us forgiveness of our sins; indeed, we have been sinners."

Surah: YŪSUF 

Ayah : 98

قَالَ سَوۡفَ أَسۡتَغۡفِرُ لَكُمۡ رَبِّيٓۖ إِنَّهُۥ هُوَ ٱلۡغَفُورُ ٱلرَّحِيمُ

He said, "I will ask forgiveness for you from my Lord. Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful."

Surah: YŪSUF 

Ayah : 99

فَلَمَّا دَخَلُواْ عَلَىٰ يُوسُفَ ءَاوَىٰٓ إِلَيۡهِ أَبَوَيۡهِ وَقَالَ ٱدۡخُلُواْ مِصۡرَ إِن شَآءَ ٱللَّهُ ءَامِنِينَ

And when they entered upon Joseph, he took his parents to himself [i.e., embraced them] and said, "Enter Egypt, AllŒh willing, safe [and secure]."

Surah: YŪSUF 

Ayah : 100

وَرَفَعَ أَبَوَيۡهِ عَلَى ٱلۡعَرۡشِ وَخَرُّواْ لَهُۥ سُجَّدٗاۖ وَقَالَ يَـٰٓأَبَتِ هَٰذَا تَأۡوِيلُ رُءۡيَٰيَ مِن قَبۡلُ قَدۡ جَعَلَهَا رَبِّي حَقّٗاۖ وَقَدۡ أَحۡسَنَ بِيٓ إِذۡ أَخۡرَجَنِي مِنَ ٱلسِّجۡنِ وَجَآءَ بِكُم مِّنَ ٱلۡبَدۡوِ مِنۢ بَعۡدِ أَن نَّزَغَ ٱلشَّيۡطَٰنُ بَيۡنِي وَبَيۡنَ إِخۡوَتِيٓۚ إِنَّ رَبِّي لَطِيفٞ لِّمَا يَشَآءُۚ إِنَّهُۥ هُوَ ٱلۡعَلِيمُ ٱلۡحَكِيمُ

And he raised his parents upon the throne, and they bowed to him in prostration.[1] And he said, "O my father, this is the explanation of my vision of before. My Lord has made it reality. And He was certainly good to me when He took me out of prison and brought you [here] from bedouin life after Satan had induced [estrangement] between me and my brothers. Indeed, my Lord is Subtle[2] in what He wills. Indeed, it is He who is the Knowing, the Wise.

1- That of greeting and respect, which was lawful until the time of Prophet Muúammad (). Prostration to any person or object other than AllŒh was then prohibited conclusively.
2- Perceptive of unapparent matters within which is benefit to His servants.

Surah: YŪSUF 

Ayah : 101

۞رَبِّ قَدۡ ءَاتَيۡتَنِي مِنَ ٱلۡمُلۡكِ وَعَلَّمۡتَنِي مِن تَأۡوِيلِ ٱلۡأَحَادِيثِۚ فَاطِرَ ٱلسَّمَٰوَٰتِ وَٱلۡأَرۡضِ أَنتَ وَلِيِّۦ فِي ٱلدُّنۡيَا وَٱلۡأٓخِرَةِۖ تَوَفَّنِي مُسۡلِمٗا وَأَلۡحِقۡنِي بِٱلصَّـٰلِحِينَ

My Lord, You have given me [something] of sovereignty and taught me of the interpretation of dreams. Creator of the heavens and earth, You are my protector in this world and the Hereafter. Cause me to die a Muslim and join me with the righteous."

Surah: YŪSUF 

Ayah : 102

ذَٰلِكَ مِنۡ أَنۢبَآءِ ٱلۡغَيۡبِ نُوحِيهِ إِلَيۡكَۖ وَمَا كُنتَ لَدَيۡهِمۡ إِذۡ أَجۡمَعُوٓاْ أَمۡرَهُمۡ وَهُمۡ يَمۡكُرُونَ

That is from the news of the unseen which We reveal, [O Muúammad], to you. And you were not with them when they put together their plan while they conspired.

Surah: YŪSUF 

Ayah : 103

وَمَآ أَكۡثَرُ ٱلنَّاسِ وَلَوۡ حَرَصۡتَ بِمُؤۡمِنِينَ

And most of the people, although you strive [for it], are not believers.

Surah: YŪSUF 

Ayah : 104

وَمَا تَسۡـَٔلُهُمۡ عَلَيۡهِ مِنۡ أَجۡرٍۚ إِنۡ هُوَ إِلَّا ذِكۡرٞ لِّلۡعَٰلَمِينَ

And you do not ask of them for it any payment. It is not except a reminder to the worlds.

Surah: YŪSUF 

Ayah : 105

وَكَأَيِّن مِّنۡ ءَايَةٖ فِي ٱلسَّمَٰوَٰتِ وَٱلۡأَرۡضِ يَمُرُّونَ عَلَيۡهَا وَهُمۡ عَنۡهَا مُعۡرِضُونَ

And how many a sign within the heavens and earth do they pass over while they, therefrom, are turning away.

Surah: YŪSUF 

Ayah : 106

وَمَا يُؤۡمِنُ أَكۡثَرُهُم بِٱللَّهِ إِلَّا وَهُم مُّشۡرِكُونَ

And most of them believe not in AllŒh except while they associate others with Him.

Surah: YŪSUF 

Ayah : 107

أَفَأَمِنُوٓاْ أَن تَأۡتِيَهُمۡ غَٰشِيَةٞ مِّنۡ عَذَابِ ٱللَّهِ أَوۡ تَأۡتِيَهُمُ ٱلسَّاعَةُ بَغۡتَةٗ وَهُمۡ لَا يَشۡعُرُونَ

Then do they feel secure that there will not come to them an overwhelming [aspect] of the punishment of AllŒh or that the Hour will not come upon them suddenly while they do not perceive?

Surah: YŪSUF 

Ayah : 108

قُلۡ هَٰذِهِۦ سَبِيلِيٓ أَدۡعُوٓاْ إِلَى ٱللَّهِۚ عَلَىٰ بَصِيرَةٍ أَنَا۠ وَمَنِ ٱتَّبَعَنِيۖ وَسُبۡحَٰنَ ٱللَّهِ وَمَآ أَنَا۠ مِنَ ٱلۡمُشۡرِكِينَ

Say, "This is my way; I invite to AllŒh with insight, I and those who follow me. And exalted is AllŒh; and I am not of those who associate others with Him."

Surah: YŪSUF 

Ayah : 109

وَمَآ أَرۡسَلۡنَا مِن قَبۡلِكَ إِلَّا رِجَالٗا نُّوحِيٓ إِلَيۡهِم مِّنۡ أَهۡلِ ٱلۡقُرَىٰٓۗ أَفَلَمۡ يَسِيرُواْ فِي ٱلۡأَرۡضِ فَيَنظُرُواْ كَيۡفَ كَانَ عَٰقِبَةُ ٱلَّذِينَ مِن قَبۡلِهِمۡۗ وَلَدَارُ ٱلۡأٓخِرَةِ خَيۡرٞ لِّلَّذِينَ ٱتَّقَوۡاْۚ أَفَلَا تَعۡقِلُونَ

And We sent not before you [as messengers] except men to whom We revealed from among the people of cities. So have they[1] not traveled through the earth and observed how was the end of those before them? And the home of the Hereafter is best for those who fear AllŒh; then will you not reason?

1- Those who deny Prophet Muúammad ().

Surah: YŪSUF 

Ayah : 110

حَتَّىٰٓ إِذَا ٱسۡتَيۡـَٔسَ ٱلرُّسُلُ وَظَنُّوٓاْ أَنَّهُمۡ قَدۡ كُذِبُواْ جَآءَهُمۡ نَصۡرُنَا فَنُجِّيَ مَن نَّشَآءُۖ وَلَا يُرَدُّ بَأۡسُنَا عَنِ ٱلۡقَوۡمِ ٱلۡمُجۡرِمِينَ

[They continued] until, when the messengers despaired and were certain that they had been denied, there came to them Our victory, and whoever We willed was saved. And Our punishment cannot be repelled from the people who are criminals.

Surah: YŪSUF 

Ayah : 111

لَقَدۡ كَانَ فِي قَصَصِهِمۡ عِبۡرَةٞ لِّأُوْلِي ٱلۡأَلۡبَٰبِۗ مَا كَانَ حَدِيثٗا يُفۡتَرَىٰ وَلَٰكِن تَصۡدِيقَ ٱلَّذِي بَيۡنَ يَدَيۡهِ وَتَفۡصِيلَ كُلِّ شَيۡءٖ وَهُدٗى وَرَحۡمَةٗ لِّقَوۡمٖ يُؤۡمِنُونَ

There was certainly in their stories a lesson for those of understanding. Never was it [i.e., the QurÕŒn] a narration invented, but a confirmation of what was before it and a detailed explanation of all things and guidance and mercy for a people who believe.