Why do you not reflect upon the universe ?
he only one who deserves to be worshipped
Hajj is the means to reach the unity of the Muslims
All the Prophets delivered the same message
The mission of all the Prophets is to convey the commands of Allah
Muhammed, the Messenger of Allah, is the seal of the messengers
There shall be no distinction between the Prophets
The best example of the worldly life
Then will you not give thought?
Does he not deserve our worship?
They are unable to create a fly
The torah and the bible were not descended but after Abraham`s mission
And Abraham instructed his sons saying: so do not die except while you are Muslims.
Abraham as an intimate friend of Allah
The methodology of Abraham in calling to Allah
and follow him
The Atomic origination
The darkness of the deep sea
The sky is widening
And We supported him with the Pure Spirit i e , Gabriel