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Sourate: AZ-ZUKHRUF 

Verset : 31

وَقَالُواْ لَوۡلَا نُزِّلَ هَٰذَا ٱلۡقُرۡءَانُ عَلَىٰ رَجُلٖ مِّنَ ٱلۡقَرۡيَتَيۡنِ عَظِيمٍ

And they said, "Why was this QurÕŒn not sent down upon a great man from [one of] the two cities?"[1]

1- Referring to Makkah and a‹-$ŒÕif.

Sourate: AZ-ZUKHRUF 

Verset : 32

أَهُمۡ يَقۡسِمُونَ رَحۡمَتَ رَبِّكَۚ نَحۡنُ قَسَمۡنَا بَيۡنَهُم مَّعِيشَتَهُمۡ فِي ٱلۡحَيَوٰةِ ٱلدُّنۡيَاۚ وَرَفَعۡنَا بَعۡضَهُمۡ فَوۡقَ بَعۡضٖ دَرَجَٰتٖ لِّيَتَّخِذَ بَعۡضُهُم بَعۡضٗا سُخۡرِيّٗاۗ وَرَحۡمَتُ رَبِّكَ خَيۡرٞ مِّمَّا يَجۡمَعُونَ

Do they distribute the mercy of your Lord? It is We who have apportioned among them their livelihood in the life of this world and have raised some of them above others in degrees [of rank] that they may make use of one another for service. But the mercy of your Lord is better than whatever they accumulate.

Sourate: AZ-ZUKHRUF 

Verset : 33

وَلَوۡلَآ أَن يَكُونَ ٱلنَّاسُ أُمَّةٗ وَٰحِدَةٗ لَّجَعَلۡنَا لِمَن يَكۡفُرُ بِٱلرَّحۡمَٰنِ لِبُيُوتِهِمۡ سُقُفٗا مِّن فِضَّةٖ وَمَعَارِجَ عَلَيۡهَا يَظۡهَرُونَ

And if it were not that the people would become one community [of disbelievers],[1] We would have made for those who disbelieve in the Most Merciful for their houses ceilings and stairways of silver upon which to mount.

1- Who assumed that AllŒh's generosity to them was a sign of His approval or who would hasten to disbelief in order to obtain wealth.

Sourate: AZ-ZUKHRUF 

Verset : 34

وَلِبُيُوتِهِمۡ أَبۡوَٰبٗا وَسُرُرًا عَلَيۡهَا يَتَّكِـُٔونَ

And for their houses doors and couches [of silver] upon which to recline

Sourate: AZ-ZUKHRUF 

Verset : 35

وَزُخۡرُفٗاۚ وَإِن كُلُّ ذَٰلِكَ لَمَّا مَتَٰعُ ٱلۡحَيَوٰةِ ٱلدُّنۡيَاۚ وَٱلۡأٓخِرَةُ عِندَ رَبِّكَ لِلۡمُتَّقِينَ

And gold ornament. But all that is not but the enjoyment of worldly life. And the Hereafter with your Lord is for the righteous.

Sourate: AZ-ZUKHRUF 

Verset : 36

وَمَن يَعۡشُ عَن ذِكۡرِ ٱلرَّحۡمَٰنِ نُقَيِّضۡ لَهُۥ شَيۡطَٰنٗا فَهُوَ لَهُۥ قَرِينٞ

And whoever is blinded from remembrance of the Most Merciful We appoint for him a devil, and he is to him a companion.

Sourate: AZ-ZUKHRUF 

Verset : 37

وَإِنَّهُمۡ لَيَصُدُّونَهُمۡ عَنِ ٱلسَّبِيلِ وَيَحۡسَبُونَ أَنَّهُم مُّهۡتَدُونَ

And indeed, they [i.e., the devils] avert them from the way [of guidance] while they think that they are [rightly] guided

Sourate: AZ-ZUKHRUF 

Verset : 38

حَتَّىٰٓ إِذَا جَآءَنَا قَالَ يَٰلَيۡتَ بَيۡنِي وَبَيۡنَكَ بُعۡدَ ٱلۡمَشۡرِقَيۡنِ فَبِئۡسَ ٱلۡقَرِينُ

Until, when he comes to Us [at Judgement], he says [to his companion], "How I wish there was between me and you the distance between the east and west; and what a wretched companion."

Sourate: AZ-ZUKHRUF 

Verset : 39

وَلَن يَنفَعَكُمُ ٱلۡيَوۡمَ إِذ ظَّلَمۡتُمۡ أَنَّكُمۡ فِي ٱلۡعَذَابِ مُشۡتَرِكُونَ

And never will it benefit you that Day, when you have wronged, that you are [all] sharing in the punishment.

Sourate: AZ-ZUKHRUF 

Verset : 40

أَفَأَنتَ تُسۡمِعُ ٱلصُّمَّ أَوۡ تَهۡدِي ٱلۡعُمۡيَ وَمَن كَانَ فِي ضَلَٰلٖ مُّبِينٖ

Then will you make the deaf hear, [O Muúammad], or guide the blind or he who is in clear error?

Sourate: AZ-ZUKHRUF 

Verset : 41

فَإِمَّا نَذۡهَبَنَّ بِكَ فَإِنَّا مِنۡهُم مُّنتَقِمُونَ

And whether [or not] We take you away [in death], indeed, We will take retribution upon them.

Sourate: AZ-ZUKHRUF 

Verset : 42

أَوۡ نُرِيَنَّكَ ٱلَّذِي وَعَدۡنَٰهُمۡ فَإِنَّا عَلَيۡهِم مُّقۡتَدِرُونَ

Or whether [or not] We show you that which We have promised them, indeed, We are Perfect in Ability.

Sourate: AZ-ZUKHRUF 

Verset : 43

فَٱسۡتَمۡسِكۡ بِٱلَّذِيٓ أُوحِيَ إِلَيۡكَۖ إِنَّكَ عَلَىٰ صِرَٰطٖ مُّسۡتَقِيمٖ

So adhere to that which is revealed to you. Indeed, you are on a straight path.

Sourate: AZ-ZUKHRUF 

Verset : 44

وَإِنَّهُۥ لَذِكۡرٞ لَّكَ وَلِقَوۡمِكَۖ وَسَوۡفَ تُسۡـَٔلُونَ

And indeed, it is a remembrance[1] for you and your people, and you [all] are going to be questioned.

1- i.e., an honor. Or "a reminder."

Sourate: AZ-ZUKHRUF 

Verset : 45

وَسۡـَٔلۡ مَنۡ أَرۡسَلۡنَا مِن قَبۡلِكَ مِن رُّسُلِنَآ أَجَعَلۡنَا مِن دُونِ ٱلرَّحۡمَٰنِ ءَالِهَةٗ يُعۡبَدُونَ

And ask those We sent before you of Our messengers; have We made besides the Most Merciful deities to be worshipped?

Sourate: AZ-ZUKHRUF 

Verset : 46

وَلَقَدۡ أَرۡسَلۡنَا مُوسَىٰ بِـَٔايَٰتِنَآ إِلَىٰ فِرۡعَوۡنَ وَمَلَإِيْهِۦ فَقَالَ إِنِّي رَسُولُ رَبِّ ٱلۡعَٰلَمِينَ

And certainly did We send Moses with Our signs to Pharaoh and his establishment, and he said, "Indeed, I am the messenger of the Lord of the worlds."

Sourate: AZ-ZUKHRUF 

Verset : 47

فَلَمَّا جَآءَهُم بِـَٔايَٰتِنَآ إِذَا هُم مِّنۡهَا يَضۡحَكُونَ

But when he brought them Our signs, at once they laughed at them.

Sourate: AZ-ZUKHRUF 

Verset : 48

وَمَا نُرِيهِم مِّنۡ ءَايَةٍ إِلَّا هِيَ أَكۡبَرُ مِنۡ أُخۡتِهَاۖ وَأَخَذۡنَٰهُم بِٱلۡعَذَابِ لَعَلَّهُمۡ يَرۡجِعُونَ

And We showed them not a sign except that it was greater than its sister, and We seized them with affliction that perhaps they might return [to faith].

Sourate: AZ-ZUKHRUF 

Verset : 49

وَقَالُواْ يَـٰٓأَيُّهَ ٱلسَّاحِرُ ٱدۡعُ لَنَا رَبَّكَ بِمَا عَهِدَ عِندَكَ إِنَّنَا لَمُهۡتَدُونَ

And they said [to Moses], "O magician, invoke for us your Lord by what He has promised you. Indeed, we will be guided."

Sourate: AZ-ZUKHRUF 

Verset : 50

فَلَمَّا كَشَفۡنَا عَنۡهُمُ ٱلۡعَذَابَ إِذَا هُمۡ يَنكُثُونَ

But when We removed from them the affliction, at once they broke their word.

Sourate: AZ-ZUKHRUF 

Verset : 51

وَنَادَىٰ فِرۡعَوۡنُ فِي قَوۡمِهِۦ قَالَ يَٰقَوۡمِ أَلَيۡسَ لِي مُلۡكُ مِصۡرَ وَهَٰذِهِ ٱلۡأَنۡهَٰرُ تَجۡرِي مِن تَحۡتِيٓۚ أَفَلَا تُبۡصِرُونَ

And Pharaoh called out among his people; he said, "O my people, does not the kingdom of Egypt belong to me, and these rivers flowing beneath me; then do you not see?

Sourate: AZ-ZUKHRUF 

Verset : 52

أَمۡ أَنَا۠ خَيۡرٞ مِّنۡ هَٰذَا ٱلَّذِي هُوَ مَهِينٞ وَلَا يَكَادُ يُبِينُ

Or am I [not] better than this one [i.e., Moses] who is insignificant and hardly makes himself clear?[1]

1- That was true previous to his appointment as a prophet, at which time AllŒh corrected his speech impediment.

Sourate: AZ-ZUKHRUF 

Verset : 53

فَلَوۡلَآ أُلۡقِيَ عَلَيۡهِ أَسۡوِرَةٞ مِّن ذَهَبٍ أَوۡ جَآءَ مَعَهُ ٱلۡمَلَـٰٓئِكَةُ مُقۡتَرِنِينَ

Then why have there not been placed upon him bracelets of gold or come with him the angels in conjunction?"

Sourate: AZ-ZUKHRUF 

Verset : 54

فَٱسۡتَخَفَّ قَوۡمَهُۥ فَأَطَاعُوهُۚ إِنَّهُمۡ كَانُواْ قَوۡمٗا فَٰسِقِينَ

So he bluffed his people, and they obeyed him. Indeed, they were [themselves] a people defiantly disobedient [of AllŒh].

Sourate: AZ-ZUKHRUF 

Verset : 55

فَلَمَّآ ءَاسَفُونَا ٱنتَقَمۡنَا مِنۡهُمۡ فَأَغۡرَقۡنَٰهُمۡ أَجۡمَعِينَ

And when they angered Us, We took retribution from them and drowned them all.

Sourate: AZ-ZUKHRUF 

Verset : 56

فَجَعَلۡنَٰهُمۡ سَلَفٗا وَمَثَلٗا لِّلۡأٓخِرِينَ

And We made them a precedent and an example for the later peoples.

Sourate: AZ-ZUKHRUF 

Verset : 57

۞وَلَمَّا ضُرِبَ ٱبۡنُ مَرۡيَمَ مَثَلًا إِذَا قَوۡمُكَ مِنۡهُ يَصِدُّونَ

And when the son of Mary was presented as an example,[1] immediately your people laughed aloud.

1- Of a creation of AllŒh which is being worshipped along with Him.

Sourate: AZ-ZUKHRUF 

Verset : 58

وَقَالُوٓاْ ءَأَٰلِهَتُنَا خَيۡرٌ أَمۡ هُوَۚ مَا ضَرَبُوهُ لَكَ إِلَّا جَدَلَۢاۚ بَلۡ هُمۡ قَوۡمٌ خَصِمُونَ

And they said, "Are our gods better, or is he?"[1] They did not present it [i.e., the comparison] except for [mere] argument. But, [in fact], they are a people prone to dispute.

1- Implying that they must all be the same.

Sourate: AZ-ZUKHRUF 

Verset : 59

إِنۡ هُوَ إِلَّا عَبۡدٌ أَنۡعَمۡنَا عَلَيۡهِ وَجَعَلۡنَٰهُ مَثَلٗا لِّبَنِيٓ إِسۡرَـٰٓءِيلَ

He [i.e., Jesus] was not but a servant upon whom We bestowed favor, and We made him an example for the Children of Israel.

Sourate: AZ-ZUKHRUF 

Verset : 60

وَلَوۡ نَشَآءُ لَجَعَلۡنَا مِنكُم مَّلَـٰٓئِكَةٗ فِي ٱلۡأَرۡضِ يَخۡلُفُونَ

And if We willed, We could have made [instead] of you angels succeeding [one another][1] on the earth.

1- Or "succeeding [you]."