There shall be no distinction between the Prophets
Muhammed, the Messenger of Allah, is the seal of the messengers
The mission of all the Prophets is to convey the commands of Allah
All the Prophets delivered the same message
Hajj is the means to reach the unity of the Muslims
he only one who deserves to be worshipped
Why do you not reflect upon the universe ?
Allah introduces himself
Allah created you from one soul
Did you ever read a book like that
Protecting the psychological rights of Wife
The unity of Muslims
The Quran warns against Racism
The holy scriptures gives the good news of the Advent of the Prophet Muhammed
Muslims believe in the Torah and the Bible
The Bible is the book that Allah revealed to his slave Jesus the Christ
How did the Quran describe the Bible
Ramadan is the month of attaching oneself to the Quran
Why do Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan ?
These are the limits set by Allah