الفَلَقِ Al-Falaq 1 الآية :

قُلۡ أَعُوذُ بِرَبِّ ٱلۡفَلَقِ

Say, "I seek refuge in the Lord of daybreak

الفَلَقِ Al-Falaq 2 الآية :

مِن شَرِّ مَا خَلَقَ

From the evil of that which He created

الفَلَقِ Al-Falaq 3 الآية :

وَمِن شَرِّ غَاسِقٍ إِذَا وَقَبَ

And from the evil of darkness when it settles

الفَلَقِ Al-Falaq 4 الآية :

وَمِن شَرِّ ٱلنَّفَّـٰثَٰتِ فِي ٱلۡعُقَدِ

And from the evil of the blowers in knots[1]

1- i.e., those who practice magic.

الفَلَقِ Al-Falaq 5 الآية :

وَمِن شَرِّ حَاسِدٍ إِذَا حَسَدَ

And from the evil of an envier when he envies."