"Allah has sent down the best statement: a consistent Book..."
"And We have certainly given you, [O Muúammad]..."
"And indeed it is, in the Mother of the Book..."
"And this is a Book which We have sent down..."
"If We had sent down this Quran upon a mountain,..."
"Or do they say, "He invented it"? Say, "Then bring ten s´rahs like it..."
"And this [Quran] is a Book We have revealed [which is] blessed,..."
"Then do they not reflect upon the Quran?..."
"And indeed, it [i.e., the Quran] is the revelation of the Lord of the worlds..."
"Say, "If mankind and the jinn gathered in order to produce the like of this Quran,..."
"indeed, it [i.e., the Quran] is a word [conveyed by] a noble messenger..."
"praise is [due] to Allah, who has sent down upon His Servant..."